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Why the house went up?

In the U.S. in 1970, the salary was $ 41.405, and the house was worth $ 65,300.
In 2000, the salary of $ 50.850, the house is $ 119,600.

I will now very easy to explain why the house went up in salary - gasoline has nothing to do with it. Let's say we - me, you and Hronoskopist flew on a plane over the Pacific Ocean. In a way the three of us nakushalas absinthe nadeboshirili, broke off a door from the toilet, and for us it is thrown into the sea through an emergency exit. Fortunately, near the site of our fall showed a small unnamed Polynesian island.

Once out on the shore, we discussed it and decided to consider it a new state called the United States of Absinthe (USA).

When we were thrown out of the aircraft, the luggage to us, of course, was not given. Therefore, all tangible and intangible assets we have - only the toilet door, you still brought with them. And anyway, in spite of the absinthe, you have proved the most thrifty - in the wallet with you, by chance, they discovered a $ 100 bill. Thus, in the United States are our non-financial assets - the door, and financial assets, they are the same money - $ 100. It's all of our savings. Since we do not have anything more, then you could say that - we have a tangible asset - the door is secured by a money supply of $ 100. That is, Our door is $ 100.

A little sober, we decide that we need to somehow settle. The fastest of us was Hronoskopist. He immediately announced that he sets up a bank and is ready to take to the growth of existing public money savings of 3% per annum - well, a person can not sit idle. You give him $ 100 and he writes them in a notebook in the article "Liabilities -> Dipazity."

But I do not bast slurped soup - I wonder whether that much time doing the investigation of economic Muhlezh - I know how to take away from you and the door, and $ 100. I suggest you take your $ 100 in growth at 5% per annum. Pull out a leaf from his notebook and write on it - "Ablegitsiya to $ 100 at 5% per annum." You feel that you are flooded. Take away money from Hronoskopista frustrated with dipazita and give them to me in exchange for my ablegitsiyu. I'll take your $ 100 and put them on dipazit back to the bank was delighted Hronoskopista.

For good, for this would be to calm down and go all down to business - to shake the palm or dive for clams, win their daily bread, so to speak. Well but you know - I'm insatiable financial genius, such trifles as coconuts and oysters do not interest me. Pushed around on our island - 50 steps from the south coast to the north, and 30 from east to west, I come up with an ingenious combination. I come to you and offer out of nowhere to earn even 1% per annum. Take to the bank Hronoskopista loan at 4%, and buy me another ablegitsiyu under 5%. Ablegitsiyu second at $ 100 I immediately write out a leaf on the scratchpad and waving it in front of your nose. Without thinking, you run to the bank and take out a loan guarantee of $ 100 at my first ablegitsii at $ 100. They are there - I put them back on dipazit. You give me a borrowed $ 100 and a second ablegitsiyu to hide his wallet - you now have my ablegitsy at $ 200. And I put $ 100 in the bank - now I have $ 200 on it dipazite. Hronoskopist already jumps for joy - the credit business Popper.

I think at this stop? Yeah, now - I wrote you a third ablegitsiyu. Run to the bank for a loan secured by a second ablegitsii. Later in the afternoon lapping the island with this a hundred bucks and tore all the leaves from a notebook on ablegitsii, we have the following picture. You have $ 5,000 of my ablegitsy, and I have $ 5,000 in the bank dipazitov. Now I feel that it's time to lay your hands on the door. I offer to buy it from you for $ 100. But you vrednichaet - the door-it is only one, and charge an exorbitant price of $ 1000. Well, so $ 1,000 $ 1,000 - after all I have is a deposit of $ 5,000. I'm on the last sheet of the scratchpad Hronoskopistu sending a payment order, transfer $ 1000 from my dipazita to yours, and take away the door.

If our accounting department to give the American economist with a Harvard diploma, he tells us that our United States has $ 1,000 of tangible assets in the form of the door, and $ 10,000 of financial assets in the form of ablegitsy and dipazitov. That is, that the value of our total assets increased over 110 times a day.

Less subtle and educated person would say that we - three morons, we both had one door and $ 100, and remains, and that only morons down and out all day could tear the leaves from a notebook, rather than pick coconuts. Who is right - decide for yourself. smile: idea:

But the mechanism of the relative growth of house prices is such that in the U.S., in Japan, in Russia.

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