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Phrasal Verb «To Take»

take after = to look or act like a relative; resemble

take away = 1) to remove

2) to lead smb to another place

3) to seize from people

take back = 1) to apologise

2) to remind of the past

3) to withdraw

take down = 1) to write down

2) to separate into pieces so as to repair or remove

3) to lengthen a garment; let down

take for = 1) to identify wrongly

2) to rob \ cheat

take in = 1) to give accommodation;

2) to make clothes narrower (opposite: let out)

3) to fully understand

take off = 1) to remove clothes (opposite: put on)

2) (of planes) to leave the ground (opposite: come down)

3) to imitate

4) to reduce (weight) (opposite: put on)

5) (of time) to take time as a holiday

6) to start to improve

take on = 1) to undertake work or responsibility

2) to employ

3) to accept as an opponent

take out = 1) to remove; extract

2) to clean (a mark, dirt)

take over = 1) to gain control of smth

2) to spend time on

take smb out = to take smb to a restaurant etc.

take to = 1) to like

2) to begin a habit

take up = to begin a hobby, sport, job

2) to shorten a garment (opposite: take down)

3) to fill (time, space)

4) to continue after an interruption

be taken aback = to be strongly surprised

be taken in = to be deceived

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