среда, 28 августа 2013 г.

In the taxi

▶ Please call a taxi.
▶ What does it cost to go to the station?
▶ What does it cost to go to the airport?
▶ Please go straight ahead.
▶ Please turn right here.
▶ Please turn left at the corner.
▶ I’m in a hurry.
▶ I have time.
▶ Please drive slowly.
▶ Please stop here.
▶ Please wait a moment.
▶ I’ll be back immediately.
▶ Please give me a receipt.
▶ I have no change.
▶ That is okay, please keep the change.
▶ Drive me to this address.
▶ Drive me to my hotel.
▶ Drive me to the beach.

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